1 Pétition + 1 Mail : STOP à la cruauté dans les fermes à fourrure au Danemark !!!

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1) Signez la pétition

Stop Fur Industry in Denmark

La négligence est une tendance très répandue dans les fermes de visons et de renards danoises !

Le plus grand journal du Danemark Ekstra Bladet, des militants de l'organisation animale ANIMA et Danish TV2 ont révélé la cruauté inimaginable dans les fermes de visons et de renards au Danemark.

Voici quelques exemples :

Un renard avec trois pattes. Un renard avec la bouche pleine d'abcès. Plus de vison avec des pattes postérieures blessées, qui ne peuvent pas se déplacer. Un grand nombre de visons avec des plaies ouvertes.

Les animaux sont négligés dans l'industrie de la fourrure danoise, qui est un business rapportant un milliard et l'un des grands succès de l'exportation du Danemark.

Nous voulons l'interdiction immédiate de l'industrie de la fourrure du Danemark !

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2) Envoyez un mail de protestation

Merci d'écrire aux adresses mails ci-dessous :

AAN : min@fvm.dk, jm@jm.dk, helle.thorning-schmidt@ft.dk, dfkala@ft.dk, margrete.auken@europarl.europa.eu, dan.jorgensen@europarl.europa.eu, press-EN@europarl.europa.eu

CC : db@dyrenes-beskyttelse.dk, jv@anima.dk

Sujet : "Immediate ban on Denmark's fur industry"

Voici la lettre à copier/coller et à envoyer :



I am writing today with an urgent request to implement an immediate ban on Denmark's fur production. Fur production is an inherently vicious and cruel industry, subjecting animals to some of the most exploitative, painful, and agonizing conditions. As has been established by the fur farm documentary "Operation X", animals perpetually suffer from painful diseases and neglect; as a final obscenity, they are killed in reprehensible manners including gassing, anal electrocution, and skinning alive, selected to maintain pelt quality. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that any adopted welfare protocols are extraordinarily inadequate, and, as has been demonstrated, are too often ignored due to their cost-prohibitive nature as defined by fur farm owners.

Although corporations employ glossy portraits and energetic runway demonstrations meant to cultivate appeals to vanity or luxury, their actions can no longer be dismissed as justifiable financial strategies. In fact, an ever-growing collective of people are taking a stand against the international fur industry, and contrary to the illusions the fur industry perpetrates, its tools include documented footage, such as indicated above, and photographic proof, evidence that cannot be disregarded.

It is difficult to contemplate supporting any country, via tourism or commerce, that excuses such blatant animal cruelty; financial gain at the expense of empathy towards sentient beings bears no justification: indeed, our shared histories have witnessed significant inequities and judicial sacrifices in the name of profit and greed that today are considered gross offenses. An increasing number of countries are therefore listening to a concerned and attentive population that refuses to be complicit in the inherently malicious industry of fur farming and are taking progressive steps to ban such an uncivilized practice; countries such as Ireland, Italy, and France are all actively engaged in the discontinuation of fur farming.

I hope this letter finds you willing to scrutinize your own involvement in the exploitation of animals and your desire to therefore protect, rather than harm, them. Please make the ethical decision to support an immediate ban on Denmark's fur industry.



Merci pour les visons et les renards détenus dans les fermes à fourrure au Danemark

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