La RSPCA au Royaume-Uni utilise un pistolet à balle captive pour "euthanasier" des pauvres chiens !!!

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RSPCA: Ce qu'ils ne veulent pas que vous sachiez

Balles captives: Une méthode humaine de tuer les animaux, vous avez dit humaine ???


Des employés de la RSPCA au Royaume-Uni ont utilisé un pistolet à balles captives (arme utilisée dans les abattoirs pour étourdir les animaux avant leur abattage) pour euthanasier 10 bergers allemands !!!

Comme vous pouvez le voir sur la vidéo, cette arme n'est pas efficace et les animaux sont pleinement conscients et continuent de souffrir aprés son utilisation....


Je crois que la pratique de la RSPCA d'abattre des chiens avec un pistolet à balle captive doit être interdite. Nous estimons que cette façon de tuer un animal est inhumaine et ne devrait pas être reconnue comme un moyen acceptable d'euthanasie sans douleur destinée à causer la douleur et la détresse minimales pour les animaux de compagnie.

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To Whom It May Concern, 

I have just learned of a recent situation in which the RSPCA used a captive bolt gun to kill ten dogs in a decidedly vicious and inhumane manner. Contrary to any established protocols mandating a "comfortable" death, the RSPCA, in direct violation of WSPA's condemnation of captive bolt guns, caused an unquestionably painful and terrifying death for these dog victims. Had any other person used a captive bolt gun on these or any other dogs, the RSPCA would have intervened and initiated an investigation while holding the perpetrator accountable to relevant penalties. As such I am requesting that any officials who were involved, either directly or indirectly, be prosecuted according to customary penal codes representing the deliberate death using this type of weapon. 

Please allow me to further address my concerns regarding this disturbing event. Captive bolt guns have been proven to be an extremely cruel form of killing. While I oppose all euthanasia as being fundamentally inhumane and believe no animal should be killed, it should be known that I vehemently protest the use of such an archaic and torturous form of such. Indeed, it has been documented that captive bolt guns cause an enormous amount of needless suffering and pain as animals struggle to escape excruciating pain and terror. Imagine if you will the fear an innocent being experiences in such a confining, painful, and cruel circumstance. The cries emitted by these helpless animals are horrifying to hear as they futilely attempt escape. Animals, like humans, are sentient creatures, capable of thought, emotion, pain, and suffering; humans have the obligation and responsibility to provide comfort, protection, and compassion. However, when you approve such a depraved method of euthanasia, you are indeed illustrating a cruel and apathetic society, and instructing our very own children that cruelty against our most vulnerable beings is not only sanctioned but also encouraged. Speciesism, the unethical prejudicial regard of non-human animals, is a very dangerous precept, upon which desensitization against all cruelty is created. 

The RSPCA has been trusted to embrace compassion with respect to animals, and for officials representing the RSPCA to engage in such unacceptable behaviour not only is a demonstration of intentional and abject cruelty, but it is also in direct opposition to its own directives. The RSPCA has unconscionably exploited the trust of animals and humans and should be examined further to determine any additional improprieties. As such, please disallow immediately the use of captive bolt guns and determine the organizational vulnerabilities that led to such a horrific event. Additionally, all officials involved warrant disciplinary action, including monetary fines and imprisonment; prove to the concerned global collective that the RSPCA is unbiased and intolerant of such viciousness and will publicly answer to these disturbing claims.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.


Merci pour ces pauvres chiens

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